Leah Owens: When 16 Days Flies By

With Leah’s permission, this is a re-print from her Jan 12 Facebook post that encapsulated so well her enthusiasm and excitement from her recent trip to Brisbane with our first ever winter mission team, or depending on what side of the world you’re reading this – first ever summer mission team!  

I can’t thank the Lord enough for leading me back much sooner than I expected to so many people I love so much. Sixteen days in Australia flew by but it was such a blessing to teach the kids and witness what Camp Gidawarra is all about while doing my best to point the Aussies to Jesus the way they point to Him. It was also so special to share the engagement in person with people over there and so cool that they know who Morgan is since he went in 2014!

A couple highlights that I would like to share:

  • telling my Aussie sister Laura Johnson in the airport that we are going to have the same last name and her crying
  • reunions with people I can’t imagine my life without
  • family camping with the Johnsons and their extended family
  • Andrew’s jet skiing get up that shows zero skin for ultimate sun protection
  • swimming in waterfalls in January
  • the incredibly sincere thank yous
  • worship at Holland Park Church
  • times with the younger kids when they were very engaged and told us things they learned from our teaching
  • Andrew buying 13 of us ice cream cones before we saw Natural Bridge
  • Melinda’s coffee
  • meeting new people and entire families that live outside of Brisbane who came to Camp Gidawarra
  • Patrick Krelle’s kisses
  • dressing up like ten Indians at the last minute
  • talking about Morgan and the engagement
  • late night games at Camp Gidawarra
  • runs with Molly
  • going to the movies our last night with the youth
  • our huge Camp Talmid reunion
  • and seeing glow worms and glow mushrooms

Thank you to everyone who prayed for me and supported me!

Leah Owens, senior
Johnson City, TN

1918908_10153768375674070_4128734971945326455_nthe Johnson Family

The wonderful Gemma Faulks

Andrew Johnson is an ice cream machine.

Molly, the Johnson’s dog – my running mate.

The Natural Arch

All of our girls. Holland Park Church. They are the reason we go.

December 23 – Roan Mountain State Park, East Tennessee

I said yes.


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