A Fresh & Uncertain Feeling

Sometimes you find yourself in the middle of things that you never expected to happen. You couldn’t possibly plan for some things that just happen. Sometimes the result is pleasantly surprising, and other times frustratingly disappointing. At the present moment, its the frustration, as I wait to board a nearly two hour delayed flight which will cause me to miss my connection flight through to Brisbane. I have had my moments these passed few hours where it would be therapeutic to let out a gripe, whine and complain. And yet I am confronted by the other thing that truly is the pleasant surprise. 5 years ago I never would have expected my story to become so intertwined with the church community in Brisbane and other parts of Australia. I could have never imagined that I would be sitting in the airport yet again awaiting to board another trans-pacific flight. Even with this logistical hiccup, I must honestly say the joy of what is about to take place outweighs even this by far.

This time there is a small team of us “Lippies” returning to Brisbane. This time around does have a bit of a fresh and almost uncertain feeling as this is the first trip to go in our winter, their summer. Even for those of us who have been many times, we still feel a bit of anticipation for what these next two weeks will look like. We are truly thankful to the Lord opening this door for us as we get this opportunity to spend time with these people whom we have come to love so deeply. They have showed us much about the art of hospitality, the fresh bite of aussie humor, and the peace that comes from knowing Jesus.

God continues to reveal to us that our involvement here is not centered in the questions like, “Who am I? What do I possibly have to offer these people?” But rather we are beginning to learn our true center is in these: “Who is the One who has called us here? What is he up to and how will he use us?” These, it seems, are the questions that are not only worth asking in the first place, but the questions that continue to bring us to a more profound understanding that all our undertakings, whether in Australia, or Nashville, or Hong Kong, or Scotland, all center in the One who is at work in making himself known to all peoples. This is the great God whom we serve, the One who simultaneously is our source, our direction, and our goal. To share in God’s mission he is empowering his people to embrace is what we desire to encourage as we return to Brisbane, as we have been encouraged to do through these people.

May God use us mightily, may his Spirit bring us his peace which is truly unfathomable, and may Jesus Christ show us to be the light of the world as he is the light of the world.

Zach Brantley


Our first Brisbane winter team. Back row: Taylor Eades, Brittany Bishop. Front row: Zach and Leah Owens. Not pictured Toria Davis




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