Time to Start Over Again: 2016 Begins Now

It’s time to start all over again. This past Monday night we were reminded of what a honor and privilege it is to be part of such a special group. With Brisbane 2015 only three months in our rearview mirror and the 2016 trip a mere eight months away, it’s time to start forming next year’s team! We hosted our info session in the Missions Center on campus and were completely blown away by the interest from students wanting to be part of this ministry. With 3 trip veterans already committed to return, we have 9 spots available to complete our team. As they trickled in one at a time, it didn’t seem like quite so many until the door shut for the final time and we then counted 24 in attendance who patiently sat through an hour of us sharing stories and insight about our love for our friends in Brisbane. Although not possible for a myriad of reasons, oh how much I long for everyone to have the opportunity to serve, encourage, love and fellowship in this way.

If you are a frequent reader of the Aussie Herd, we ask that you join us over the coming days we pour countless hours into reviewing applications, conducting interviews, praying over the process and discerning who God is calling to join us in Brisbane for 2016. It is both exciting and stressful. It is both exhilarating and overwhelming. Yet amidst the chaos, the most comforting thing is knowing that He’s got it all under control. He knows the timid freshman who needs to be on the team because only they can relate to the quiet 8th grader at Camp Talmid next June. He knows the emotionally and spiritually mature senior who needs to be on the team because He’ll provide them with an opportunity to minister to a 17 year old in the middle of a family crisis. He knows the personalities that need to be chosen because they are equipped to encourage fellow teammates during a month-long mission.

Amidst the chaos, if we will simply get out of His way, He’s got it all,


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