A Parent’s Thoughts…

As a parent, there are those moments in life when you look at your children and are overwhelmed with the thought that these precious souls have been entrusted into your care. But following that is the comfort that it is not a task we have to do on our own. For God is first and foremost their Father.

Along life’s way, that task is blessed by gifts that God gives…these students are one of those gifts. I have had the privilege of watching these amazing groups of people come and go for many years now, and although they have to depart physically, the influence and long lasting effects they leave with our kids is truly a gift. This year has been no different. My kids have watched faith in action, seen Christ’s love shown, found ‘big sisters’ and ‘big brothers’ and taken all that into their little hearts. They’ve laughed lots and cried some, found unconditional love and built memories involving God as their cornerstone.

I know I speak for all parents when I say thank you. Thank you to those who support these guys so that they may come out, thank you to their own families for lending them to us for this time (they did you proud) and finally thank you to the beautiful Lipscomb team, whose footprints here remain in hearts and minds well after they have gone. We love you all dearly and look forward with hope, of seeing you all again.

Love and huge hugs and a couple of ‘teacher, teachers’ just for you, Cam

Nikki Coker
Wife of Trav
Mother of Jai, Zac, Chelsi, and Jazmin
2015 host family

The Coker Family

Camp Talmid


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