Welcome to the Aussie Herd!  Here you will find a collection of random thoughts, reflections and musings on the mission trip taken by Lipscomb University each year to Brisbane, Australia. Since 1999, a few hundred Bisons (the herd) have taken the trans-pacific flight to the other side of the world to visit and encourage our Aussie friends. Although the month-long trip looks very different now than it did 16 years ago when this adventure got kicked off, the objectives of why we go have not changed – to reflect the image of Christ in all we do and share the love of Jesus with everyone we encounter.

As we find ourselves on the brink of another trip, I’ve been reminded yet again how it takes a village to pull this trip off year after year. We may only be a team of 12 students plus some team leaders, but it literally takes a village of people to make this ministry happen. From the supportive parents, to the friends who are prayer warriors – we are fortunate to have your blessing as we go serve. Without the foundation that you laid for our faith and your unwavering spiritual support, there would be no desire to serve.  From the Australian host families who house and feed us for the month, to the church family at Holland Park who receives us into their ministry – you are the reason we come back year after year. Without your generous hospitality, the functionality of our trip would be difficult. From the nearly 300 donors comprised of family units and friends who joyfully gave of their means, to the Sunday schools and churches who gave from their offerings – we are humbled and blessed by your sacrifice. Without your commitment, this trip would not financially be possible. Whatever part you played in getting us to this part, we say thank you.

Our vision is that the Aussie Herd blog will grow to become more than just for our 2015 trip, rather a collection that builds year to year, even going back and asking previous teams to contribute. As we prepare for the Brisbane 2015 trip to finally arrive this Thursday, we invite you to follow our journey here as we make periodic posts along the way.

Mark Jent
team leader



One thought on “Welcome

  1. Tyra says:

    Hello Aussie Herd! You’re in the air traveling as I write this note. Our hearts are intertwined with yours as our sweet Sydney is on this journey along side you. May the Lord Jesus be glorified in all you do during this trip! Our prayers are with each of you! Blessings from Cincinnati, Ohio!!!


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